Why “a big eyed fish”? I believe in iterative processes, and find myself continually applying one set of learnings to the next set of circumstances. This can leave me feeling like a goldfish exploring new parts of their bowl, eyes wide. And so I navigate the waters of the world propelled by curiosity, wonder, and a love of learning. I hope to always be discovering, reflecting, changing, and growing.

  • Fairness & Privilege

    Challenging myself this month to more openly reach out to my White, non-disabled, Hearing colleague with my writing. Seeking to share my perspectives, as jumbled as they may be right now at the point in the journey I’m on, and encourage more dialogue about diversity, inclusion, access, and equity. A fool’s errand? An out for my ramblings?… Read more

  • Hardline Truths from #ohellohio

    Last Wednesday, I had the honor of conducting an “Audience Engagement Boot Camp” in Columbus, OH for arts administrators and artists from across the state on behalf of National Arts Marketing Project as a guest of Columbus Arts Marketing Association (CAMA). From the M words in both of my host’s names, safe bet the attendees… Read more

  • The Wealth of Ensemble

    Adam Smith. This is where my brain always starts. Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations. One of the seminal philosophical underpinnings of this country. There’s a singular “pie” of resources. It’s finite. We can all only have a single slice of the pie. Only if we work to grow the size of the pie can… Read more

  • Because

    I’ve been in a major U.S. city the past four days running auditions for a dog & pony dc show produced by another company. The auditions consisted of three 2-hour open-call “workshops.” After the first two audition/workshops I expressed mild concern over the diversity in the pool thus far (three people of color, everyone was… Read more

  • Please Accept My Apology for This Post

    In Lois Lowry’s The Giver, members of a dystopian future society enact an apology ritual around even the slightest error. The wrongdoer states “I apologize for [__brief description of wrong doing__].” The wronged respond, “I accept your apology.” The apology ritual is performed between two individuals, an individual and her family, and even an individual… Read more

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