Why “a big eyed fish”? I believe in iterative processes, and find myself continually applying one set of learnings to the next set of circumstances. This can leave me feeling like a goldfish exploring new parts of their bowl, eyes wide. And so I navigate the waters of the world propelled by curiosity, wonder, and a love of learning. I hope to always be discovering, reflecting, changing, and growing.

  • Triangle – Tetrahedron Tension

    Prologue Blog schedules be darned! This big eyed fish explored a new bowl and so the editorial staff has done a switcheroo. Who out there noticed? /crickets Ok, maybe this is my way of telling you 1) we plan 2) there’s a “we” 3) this post has a lot going on and it’s possible the dots… Read more

  • I submit for your approval: a proposed ban on the phrase “I don’t see color”

    In honor of February, I propose an official ban on the phrase “I don’t see color” and derivative phrases of this sentiment used in the non-profit theatre community like “color-blind [___fill in the blank___].” Who’s with me? Not convinced already. /sigh  Watch part two of Jane Elliot’s The Angry Eye, starting at 10:00 (ps found one #withcaptions). Sharing not as… Read more

  • FOUND! Notes on Arts Participation as a Behavior

    How long have I been percolating on engagement and the arts? At least since 2006. In cleaning my office, found these notes from the 2006 TCG Annual Conference in Atlanta. The topic? “Building Future Audience” Thought I would share some notes from Kevin McCarthy’s “Understanding Arts Participation as a Behavioral Process,” a panel entitled “Who is the Audience… Read more

  • The Most Confusing Infographic Ever: audience engagement, community engagement & audience development

    Previously on A Big Eyed Fish, in defining audience engagement I noted that it was “artcentric” and differed from community engagement and audience development. In order to better show the relationship between a work of art, audience and community engagement, and audience development, I whipped up this infographic using my low-tech graphic design skills in PowerPoint: Totally clears it all… Read more

  • IMHO: Audience Engagement Definitions [now with updates!]

    New blogger request for forgiveness, the original post needed more before I moved on. All updates, made 1/24/15 appear in this fetching orange. A Google search of audience engagement yields a bevy of infographics: And many definitions… (underlining all mine) From Doug Borwick’s blog Engagement Matters: “Audience Engagement is a marketing strategy designed for deepening relationships… Read more

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