She Kills Monsters

She Kills Monsters is Qui Nguyen’s play about the powerful role of story and imagination to healing, and how nerds, geeks, and gamers are the absolute best ever. She Kills Monsters is the story of Agnes Evans, a cishet female English teacher living in Ohio who wanted her entire life to be as mortally normal a human girl as possible. A year after the loss of her parents and younger sister, Tilly, in a car accident, Agnes discovers a Dungeons & Dragons module Tilly created. In an attempt to make understand her sister, Agnes ventures into the imaginary D&D world of New Landia.

Rachel will direct She Kills Monsters at University of Maryland College Park. The design team is comprised of UMD’s MFA students in the areas of scenic, costumes, lighting, and projections; the acting ensemble are all undergrads.


Coming soon


SHE KILLS MONSTERS RUNS May 2 – 9, 2020 AT The Clarice

Show Description: “After the sudden and tragic death of her younger sister Tilly, Agnes Evans discovers a mysterious fantasy gaming notebook that offers clues into her sister’s life. Risking her own real-life relationships, Agnes enters the action-packed world of Dungeons and Dragons brimming with dominatrix warrior women, ogres, and fairies to understand Tilly’s world and mourn her death. This touching story draws on nerd culture and queer representation to explore themes of sisterhood, loss and acceptance.”


Coming in 2020

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