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Beachtown is San Diego REP‘s adaptation of dog & pony dc’s signature show Beertown. Beachtown was written by Herbert Siguenza with Rachel, directed by Sam Woodhouse with Rachel as associate director. Rachel was one of 17 original devisers of Beertown in 2010, directed the show for six+ years with dog & pony dc, and oversaw community-based adaptations of the show in collaboration with three other companies (Omaha Playhouse, Know Theatre, Raleigh Little Theatre). She led dog & pony dc through a complete write of Beertown five years after its 2011 premiere in order to make the show Deaf-friendly and inclusive of two actors who were Deaf. This “same show, completely different script” version is known as Beertown: 21st Quinquennial or Beertown in DC.  In addition to writing and directing sections of Beachtown, Rachel provided training, guidance and support to the entire staff at San Diego REP for over two years as they developed this entire new Southern California adaptation of Beertown.

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One moment, you can lose yourself in the interaction, and in the next be moved by a personal memory that a longtime resident discusses with the other Beachtonians.

– San Diego Story