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  • TCG EDI Institute vs. ATM Me Too Response

    TCG EDI Institute vs. ATM Me Too Response

    I’m a Lucky One I consider myself to be truly, unbelievably lucky that I haven’t been the victim of sexual assault. A person is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds in the U.S. (that’s 570 experiencers of sexual violence daily). The chances of me being a possible target were strong.  But, so far, I haven’t. I […]

  • Don’t Worry, Start Growing

    Don’t Worry, Start Growing

    When I started working closely with artists and audiences who were Deaf, I was confronted head-on with my identity as Hearing. I also was confronted with a world that is auditory-centered.  I then realised I carried a boat-load of prejudices, misunderstandings, or simply lies about people who audiologically speaking do not hear. Like anyone who comes […]

  • Speaking of things that aren’t easy: defining, exercising, and building values

    Speaking of things that aren’t easy: defining, exercising, and building values

    Before I started writing this blog post, I did the following: Read the newspaper Check Facebook Check Twitter Think about the other blog post I had to write Check personal email account Text Start writing the other blog post Check Facebook Text Read a few online articles Make a cup of tea Text Have a […]

  • Break that control habit!

    Show of hands: who would be significantly unsettled, if not be completely terrified, by the idea of handing over your organizational social account to stranger for a day? Login, password, the whole kit and caboodle? I’m not saying this is you, current hand raiser, but I was reminded that this is still viewed as a highly risky […]

  • Because

    I’ve been in a major U.S. city the past four days running auditions for a dog & pony dc show produced by another company. The auditions consisted of three 2-hour open-call “workshops.” After the first two audition/workshops I expressed mild concern over the diversity in the pool thus far (three people of color, everyone was […]

  • Triangle – Tetrahedron Tension

    Prologue Blog schedules be darned! This big eyed fish explored a new bowl and so the editorial staff has done a switcheroo. Who out there noticed? /crickets Ok, maybe this is my way of telling you 1) we plan 2) there’s a “we” 3) this post has a lot going on and it’s possible the dots […]