When I was child, I wanted to be a ballerina. I took lessons, read books, and obsessed. (Ironically, the dancer I admired most?:Jacques d’Amboise.) One fall I was conscripted into acting in my dance studio’s Halloween pageant. My transition to theatre was swift and final.

I believe art saves lives. I believe the artform of theatre is a powerful media for humans to engage in self-reflection and discovery while in live community with one another. I believe it is the artist’s responsibility to be an active part of their local, regional, and global communities as imaginers, world-builders, agitators, listeners. Pastor Michael Walrond of Harlem’s First Corinthians Baptist Church called artists “cultural architects” in a presentation once: “Cultural architects….through your art, through your touch, you help people see what they may not have been able to see. You help people become what they believe about themselves. You help people be the change they want to see.” I aspire in all theatrical endeavors to see what I may not have been able to see, and create artwork that supports others to make discoveries about themselves and the world around them. I aspire to become a fuller human being, and create work that supports others to breathe into their desired potential. I aspire to evolve, and create work that supports others evolving in new, different, and more meaningful ways.

Process is product. Performance is more than what we’re taught it is. There is no theatre without audience. What else could it be? I have a wacky idea. Let’s talk about it.

Below are a selection of projects that look like plays/productions.

Shakespeare Without Sight or Sound
DISCOVERED!: The Amazing Untold Stories of Catenarians



A Killing Game