Rachel does handstandRachel turned to yoga in 2001 as an outlet for stress relief. After a 14-year on-and-off relationship, she re-invested in her practice in 2015 and received her 200-hour teaching certification at her “home base” studio Yoga Heights.  Currently, Rachel is the assistant Sundays 9:15am “Back to Basics” with Jess Pierno Yoga Heights (GA Ave), teaching outdoors at Wangari Gardens (schedule below), and leading private classes for individuals and organizations.

Rachel frames her group classes as a community independent practitioners—we choose to practice together as a whole, but each individual controls their body, mind, spirit, and, therefore, their time on the mat that day. In group classes or private sessions, expect to be invited to move deliberately and explore the balance between effort and ease. Rachel enthusiastically welcomes people of all body shapes and sizes, and experience levels with yoga. She particularly enjoys interacting with folks new to yoga or individuals who consider themselves non-movers.


Group Classes

SUNs 9-10AM – Yoga Heights @ Wangari Gardens (All Levels Flow, pay-what-you-can)

(Rachel teaches: June 24, Aug 12, Sept 2 & Sept 23)

Private Yoga Sessions

For Individual or companies
Location Flexible

Darn! Missed me…

SUN JUNE 3, 12-1PM – Yoga Heights @ Georgia Ave (All Levels, pay-what-you-can)

SAT May 12, 11:30am-12:15pm – “Health and Wellness Expo: Fit for Life” @ Takoma Educational Campus (All Levels/Family)