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  • TCG EDI Institute vs. ATM Me Too Response

    TCG EDI Institute vs. ATM Me Too Response

    I’m a Lucky One I consider myself to be truly, unbelievably lucky that I haven’t been the victim of sexual assault. A person is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds in the U.S. (that’s 570 experiencers of sexual violence daily). The chances of me being a possible target were strong.  But, so far, I haven’t. I […]

  • Dive into make believe, don’t act like you are

    Dive into make believe, don’t act like you are

    I recent supported San Diego REP in developing the first ever adaption (by an independent playwright) of dog & pony dc’s signature show Beertown. This was a “letter from the rehearsal room” I wrote for an email to the REP’s subscribers. Learn about REP’s Beachtown here and here. Suspension of disbelief vs. Investment in make believe At first […]

  • College-age Cultural Appropriation Tattoo

    College-age Cultural Appropriation Tattoo

    I now have three tattoos. I refer to my tattoo #1 as my “college-age cultural appropriation tattoo.” Yes, I’m one of the hordes of Americans to get foreign-language characters permanently inked on their bodies. In my case, Chinese. I am not Chinese nor is anyone in my immediately family. I didn’t study Chinese, and I […]

  • See something, Say something: Recognizing A White Frailty Fail

    A scene from late summer 2016: I enter a Metro train at the rear and take a seat. I can see the entire car. It’s partially full, populated with the typical diversity of people that ride that line in the middle of the day–a mix of ages and races, suits and casual wear, obvious tourists and those who seem more […]