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  • Waiting to Exhale (and retain)

    Waiting to Exhale (and retain)

    The summer solstice is this week. Hooray! The summer solstice is the day of the year with the longest period of daylight (except in the polar regions). On June 21, 2018, the Earth’s axis (on either the Northern or Southern Hemispheres) is inclined the most toward the Sun as it rotates around it. It’s balanced…

  • College-age Cultural Appropriation Tattoo

    College-age Cultural Appropriation Tattoo

    I now have three tattoos. I refer to my tattoo #1 as my “college-age cultural appropriation tattoo.” Yes, I’m one of the hordes of Americans to get foreign-language characters permanently inked on their bodies. In my case, Chinese. I am not Chinese nor is anyone in my immediately family. I didn’t study Chinese, and I…

  • Don’t Worry, Start Growing

    Don’t Worry, Start Growing

    When I started working closely with artists and audiences who were Deaf, I was confronted head-on with my identity as Hearing. I also was confronted with a world that is auditory-centered.  I then realised I carried a boat-load of prejudices, misunderstandings, or simply lies about people who audiologically speaking do not hear. Like anyone who comes…

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