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  • Waiting to Exhale (and retain)

    Waiting to Exhale (and retain)

    The summer solstice is this week. Hooray! The summer solstice is the day of the year with the longest period of daylight (except in the polar regions). On June 21, 2018, the Earth’s axis (on either the Northern or Southern Hemispheres) is inclined the most toward the Sun as it rotates around it. It’s balanced […]

  • College-age Cultural Appropriation Tattoo

    College-age Cultural Appropriation Tattoo

    I now have three tattoos. I refer to my tattoo #1 as my “college-age cultural appropriation tattoo.” Yes, I’m one of the hordes of Americans to get foreign-language characters permanently inked on their bodies. In my case, Chinese. I am not Chinese nor is anyone in my immediately family. I didn’t study Chinese, and I […]

  • Don’t Worry, Start Growing

    Don’t Worry, Start Growing

    When I started working closely with artists and audiences who were Deaf, I was confronted head-on with my identity as Hearing. I also was confronted with a world that is auditory-centered.  I then realised I carried a boat-load of prejudices, misunderstandings, or simply lies about people who audiologically speaking do not hear. Like anyone who comes […]

  • How to become the Americans we’d always been deep within our heARTs

    How to become the Americans we’d always been deep within our heARTs

    By their actions, they did not dream the American Dream, they willed it into being by a definition of their own choosing. They did not ask to be accepted but declared themselves the Americans that perhaps few others recognized but that they had always been deep within their hearts.  Minutes ago I finished the wonderful […]

  • Speaking of things that aren’t easy: defining, exercising, and building values

    Speaking of things that aren’t easy: defining, exercising, and building values

    Before I started writing this blog post, I did the following: Read the newspaper Check Facebook Check Twitter Think about the other blog post I had to write Check personal email account Text Start writing the other blog post Check Facebook Text Read a few online articles Make a cup of tea Text Have a […]

  • Go Set a Watchman in Your Home

    Go Set a Watchman in Your Home

    Looking back, it was hardly coincidental that I picked up Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman shortly after DJT was elected to office. It was clearly the catalyst for my first steps of in-the-home activism. Watchman takes place in the 1950s, 20 years after To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout—now called Jean Louise—returns to her hometown […]

  • Break that control habit!

    Show of hands: who would be significantly unsettled, if not be completely terrified, by the idea of handing over your organizational social account to stranger for a day? Login, password, the whole kit and caboodle? I’m not saying this is you, current hand raiser, but I was reminded that this is still viewed as a highly risky […]

  • The Wealth of Ensemble

    Adam Smith. This is where my brain always starts. Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations. One of the seminal philosophical underpinnings of this country. There’s a singular “pie” of resources. It’s finite. We can all only have a single slice of the pie. Only if we work to grow the size of the pie can […]

  • The Most Confusing Infographic Ever: audience engagement, community engagement & audience development

    Previously on A Big Eyed Fish, in defining audience engagement I noted that it was “artcentric” and differed from community engagement and audience development. In order to better show the relationship between a work of art, audience and community engagement, and audience development, I whipped up this infographic using my low-tech graphic design skills in PowerPoint: Totally clears it all […]

  • IMHO: Audience Engagement Definitions [now with updates!]

    New blogger request for forgiveness, the original post needed more before I moved on. All updates, made 1/24/15 appear in this fetching orange. A Google search of audience engagement yields a bevy of infographics: And many definitions… (underlining all mine) From Doug Borwick’s blog Engagement Matters: “Audience Engagement is a marketing strategy designed for deepening relationships […]