Working under [her] brought me immense joy…I’ve never seen someone infuse social justice concepts, identity affirmation, and artistry into a rehearsal process where the play wasn’t written to create those spaces for these conversations. 

Rachel puts in the work to get to know people in the community. She attends local events, meets people and, most importantly, remembers them. There are so many times Rachel has connected people she has met to other artists and projects in the community.

Rachel’s productions are both visceral and thoughtful, creating a unique tension in the space and allowing for all to have agency in the storytelling that is happening.

My mentor [Rachel] taught me reflective practice and small, scrappy experimenting. Talking through [with her the] techniques of working with people was so useful. Rachel shared resources and helped me to look at ideas grounded in theory and deeper knowledge (like the history of [the term] “intersectionality”).

What I value most about working with Rachel is that embedded in our serious, thoughtful, precise practice, is joy and lots of laughter. I truly treasure our time together.

Rachel takes the time to understand each practitioners needs and more importantly, comfort level of beginners, helping them overcome any discomfort in the awkwardness of learning new things in a room with various skill levels.

Rachel Grossman is fabulous for experience, experimentalism & pragmatism.

Rachel is truly a builder of bridges, and she doesn’t stop at only the Deaf community, but is truly committed to all facets of [equity, diversity, and inclusion] work.

[T]he opportunity to work with [Rachel] as a mentor was the most worthwhile part of the programme and I was particularly grateful for the way [she] really challenged our thinking.

I am continually astounded by Rachel’s depth of vision and creativity. She is an idea generator and conduit.