Space Effects the Audience’s Experience (someone else agrees with me — YAY!)

Image from TCG's blog post, presumably from Theatre en Bloc's AUSTIN IS A PLACE (you are here)
Image from TCG’s blog post, presumably from Theatre en Bloc’s AUSTIN IS A PLACE (you are here)

Have to admit I was a little skeptical when I started reading this TCG blog post “Front of House: Take Care of Your Audience No Matter the Space.” The second paragraph starts

Our audience is the most important part of our work. They are our focus: the final and most vital piece to any theatrical endeavor. Not only does our art have to be relevant to our audience, the whole evening must be crafted around their best interest.

Because I am too quick to show my cynical eye-rolling skills, my “oh come on, whatever” synapsis started firing. But then I read the next sentence

Making great experiences for patrons is what inevitably will help retain audiences for years to come.

Wait a second.

I believe that too. [inner “model leader” gives my “cynical eye-roller” a gentle disapproving shake of the head]

I encourage you to read through Jenny Lavery‘s* description of the tactics her company Theatre en Bloc used. And if you can’t at this moment, at least take in the last paragraph

Creating a welcoming and warm front of house experience can be done in any space, on any budget. It takes a detailed plan that speaks to your audience, your space, and the piece of art. Using the same high quality art standards on all patron-related areas, makes patrons feel welcomed, cared for, and appreciated.

It’s true.

*Disclaimer: Discovered Jenny has an education background. Now I know why I like what she has to say so much.




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