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  • Getting into the experimental state of mind

    Getting into the experimental state of mind

    I approach my work with an experimental state of mind and tend to forget, as we all do, that not everyone shares my world view. In a session with one of my academy fellows, I was reminded how intimidating the word “experiment” can be. That word alone was holding her it back. It was her […]

  • Getting out of your box

    I’ve been thinking about boxes lately. Like in terms of the old adage “think outside the box.” Each of us has our own box that we operate out of, from which to “think outside.” Those boxes can be of vastly different sizes. To travel to an edge, scale the box wall, and get outside of […]

  • When swimming with actual fishes, what’s going on in this head?: thoughts from vacation

    Being “Unplugged” My husband and I sit side-by-side most mornings here drinking coffee in bed, staring at a gorgeous rising sun and reading the newspaper. On our devices. I read the backlog of blog entries from the last 4-11 months. Sometimes I tweet them. I’ve been accused of not really being on vacation, because I’m using my iPhone. […]

  • Save or Savor the World?

    E. B. White was quoted in a 1969 New York Times interview: If the world were merely seductive that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve (or save) the world and a desire to enjoy (or savor) […]

  • Dawn of a New Day

  • Environments That Promote Innovation

    The initial three source texts for dog & pony dc’s next show, Toast, include Steven Johnson‘s Where Good Ideas Come From. Recommended to me by friend and, now, Toast ensemble member David LaCroix, I pass the recommend on as a wellspring of inspiration about how ideas are birthed, cultivated, promoted, and transformed into life-altering inventions and movements. Today I was […]

  • Searching for start-up inspiration