Peepshow was the most recent project of dog & pony dc that Rachel Grossman developed. Rachel conceived Peepshow in partnership with Tosin Olufolabi and Ivania Stack. She was “lead” director of Peepshow, with heavy assistance from Tosin, Jordana Fraider, and Lorraine Ressegger-Slone (also the combat and dance choreographer). Rachel facilitated the Peepshow devising process with fourteen non-male-identified collaborating artists. Rachel worked with lighting and scenic designer Annie Weigand and the two performers who were Deaf, Amelia Hensley and Sandra Mae Frank, to make the entire performance accessible to Deaf/HoH audience as hearing audience.


Tucked away in Woolly Mammoth’s black box — a hidden corner of the garden, if you will — is dog & pony dc’s Peepshow, which bills itself as the only festival production entirely conceived, written and performed by women. It is also likely the only one featuring a surreal birth scene set to the Arabian Dance from The Nutcracker, or wooden cut-outs comparing the objectification of the Statue of Liberty to that of Betty Boop, or a slate of mock-professional wrestling matches featuring such fighters as “The Housewife” and “Riot Grrrl.”

Brightest Young Things

…there is an undercurrent of revolutionary fervor suffusing the evening. Are women supposed to confine themselves to distinct rules of comportment when expressing their disgust and pent-up frustrations? No freakin’ way, says “Peepshow.”

Washington Post

…a very different kind of safe space—a safe play space…

…wholly entertaining…deeply replenishing. And right on time.

 – DC Metro Theatre Arts

As a person who generally does not like the fourth wall crashing down around me, I enjoyed every aspect of the audience interaction…..This show is such an important piece in today’s political climate and is a complete evening of thought-provoking entertainment.

Broadway World


For additional peeps of Peepshow samples, please contact me directly. Due to the sensitive nature of the show, not all content is public.


Peepshow ran February 7 – 25, 2018 in the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company Rehearsal Hall.

Show Description: Peepshow takes-back objectification and sexism, and kicks the patriarchy where it counts. Over Peepshow’s five spectacles, performers will review the four waves of feminism in a wrestling ring, explore the complexities of the male gaze through Broadway show tunes, and expose the modern woman’s complicity in her own oppression through a synchronized-swimming-and Kpop-inspired-ballet. There isn’t another offering as part of Washington, DC’s second Women’s Voices Theatre Festival with a multi-sensory ode to the vagina, which means Peepshowis not to be missed. Recommended for 18yo+. 100% accessible accessible to and enjoyable by hearing and Deaf audience members. Peepshow is an intimate experience, capped at 30 persons per showing.”

Conceived by Rachel Grossman, Tosin Olufolabi & Ivania Stack
Devised by Claudia Brownlee, Jordana Fraider, Sandra Mae Frank, Natasha Gallop, Kala Granger, Rachel Grossman, Amelia Hensley, Ouida Maedel, Kerry McGee, Tosin Olufolabi, Lorraine Ressegger-Slone, Carol Spring, Ivania Stack & Annie Wiegand
Directed by Rachel Grossman, with Jordana Fraider & Tosin Olufolabi
Choreographed by Lorraine Ressegger-Slone

Photo credit: most by Sandi Moynihan Multimedia




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