Intro to Yoga Workshops

Root to Rise: Intro Yoga Workshops

Nervous to be new?
Feeling unsure in classes?
Think yours isn’t a “yoga body”?

There are many reasons to think yoga isn’t for you. Not true. Yoga is for everyone: all people, all bodies, all levels.

Join me for one (or all) “Root To Rise: Yoga Intro Workshops” to settle your mind and build the foundation for your practice:

Week 1- Poses & Terms
Week 2- Props & Self-Modifying
Week 3- Yoga in Full

● SAT JAN 11, 1:00-3:00pm Yoga Heights Georgia
For absolute beginners or just-starting-yogis who desire detailed introduction about the poses and terms used in standard All Levels Flow classes. Incorporating movement, instruction, visual aids, and personal coaching, this workshop is designed to decrease worries around your first yoga classes and bring ease to your early practice.

● SAT JAN 18, 1:00-3:00pm Yoga Heights Georgia
All bodies invited to this exploration of different ways to access the poses in standard All Levels Flow class. Discover how to self-modify by simply adjusting body position, or through use of the “props” available (blocks, straps, bolsters, walls). This workshop will be high on empowerment, affirmation, and joy.

● SAT JAN 25, 1:00-3:00pm Yoga Heights Georgia
Spoiler alert: yoga isn’t exercise! Start your practice (or deepen it) with exposure to the roots of yoga philosophy while engaging in an introductory Yin + Restorative sequence. A no-sweat class.
All three workshops are not required but encouraged for students.

Handouts are provided with an option for e-copies as well.

Members: $10/workshop; $27 for entire series
Non-Members: $14/workshop; $37 for entire series

Email to sign up for single sessions.




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